The first 2 cars may park in the marked guest parking stalls in the driveway, but if those are taken, please unload any luggage in the driveway, then you can park in one of the two garage spaces under the house. It is a bit tight as this is an old house, so please be careful. Please do not park in front of the neighbors house or in front of any of the stone walls. Parking any other place is an immediate tow away zone.

IMPORTANT: Our house is located in a neighborhood with close-together properties. Please respect all the neighbors' space and privacy. Our immediately adjacent neighbors are easily disturbed by noise, car and foot traffic. Please be very mindful of this when you are in the driveway. Please don't bother the neighbors next door or enter their property. It's common sense, but it's happened in the past, so I just include that in these instructions as a reminder just in case.

Please try your best to reverse and turn vehicles within the driveway easement without encroaching onto the neighbors property. We are currently working with our neighbors to properly demarcate the driveway easement. In the meantime, please do your best. If you are unsure, stick as closely as possible to our section of the driveway. If you need to do several reversings, then that's fine. If arriving by Uber or a cab, please let your driver know about this. Thank you so much for your attention and adherence to these important instructions.